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Sky1876 is a marketing firm designed to assist businesses owners, artist, singers, song writers, musicians, and other organizations to meet their social media needs. in advance to that we offers PR Services, Management, Publishing and Online Advertising. Our founder and Creative Director, Jermaine Jones, created Sky1876 Marketing in 2006 to assist businesses strive online and reach as much clients for their products to be known online/worldwide as much possible.Since then we have evolved into one of the largest Digital Marketing Company. We started off building websites and quickly discovered that without marketing, we were billboards in the desert. Since then Click Sky Marketing have been busy innovating flexible marketing packages that deliver results. Our team is growing at an incredible rate as we continue to find creative business solutions and business partners, which increases the rate of our promotions to be more efficient and effective across the World. Click Sky Marketing Group work 24/7 to keep our customers satisfied. Our packages are affordable in the area of social media marketing and promotion which provides quick results for clients and other organizations to Strive online.

Click Sky Marketing has a network fan base of over 2,500,000 fans (growing every day) worldwide that spans across TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterest. In advanced to that we offer Facebook group marketing where we target customer base on your business this tool help us to reach out to millions and the beauty of this feature we stay in the target so the people that will be able to see your information are people that’s interested in your services. Sky Entertainment works professionally assiduously and
continuously to market our clients exceedingly well..

Social media branding and advertising has grown over the years and as such is an inviting platform for individuals, small and large businesses. There is always a need for promotions and advertising despite the size of your operations. One of the best and fastest ways to build awareness for you or your business is through the use of social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram offers a lot more than just #’s and @’s symbols. So get with it!!!  Let us help you unleash the power of social media to ensure growth in your business. Allow us to help you make new connections on these fast paced social sites.  We are here to help you build the right social audience or accomplish whatever marketing goal you have set out to achieve. Click Sky is a marketing has taken a bold step. We have decided to expand our services and offer our unique packages to businesses worldwide. Our social media activities, tools and techniques will bring fast and authentic traffic to your business. We exercise care and due diligence at all times and we cater to the needs of your niche market. Begin this journey and watch your business grow!!!

Our Music Marketing Plan

Education – We´re a Creative Marketing Agency that teaches artists about the music industry, music retail marketing and the best way to create a buzz effect with their promotional marketing budget.

Affordable Resources – We Act as a creative resource for musicians marketing campaigns and provide them with professional quality marketing services at affordable prices.

Results – We Help artists to achieve their music goals through cost-effective marketing programs and strategies.

Click Sky Marketing we are a boutique Music Marketing Agency that specializes in also assisting musicians, independent record labels, and music management companies, creatively market and promote their music using the most updated marketing strategies. We´re a National Marketing Company with over 7 years of experience in Music Business. We are one of the most prominent music marketing and promotion companies in Florida with the ability, focus, and range to target and service the entire USA market with our regional and national campaigns. Our main focus is launch independent musicians to greater success. An artist can advance their career more effectively by utilizing strategic marketing approaches to increase exposure like more shows more interview etc. We offer a number of creative and established Music Marketing Resources to help accomplish this goal.We draw on a grassroots marketing approach where we focus on testing the music before marketing it mainstream. Our goal is to create one music fan at a time. With Record labels consolidating, marketing is now, more than ever, an essential part of the process when releasing a successful independent album.



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