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Sky Official
Sky Official provides services such as:
  • Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Advertisement

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Beats Website

Sky Beat website provides services such as:

  • Beats for sale
  • Least beats
  • Customized beats
  • Free beats
  • Hip-Hop/Reggae/R&B/Dancehall

If purchased a beat and you need the files Contact Us!

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Graphics Website

Sky Graphics provides services such as:
  • Album Covers
  • Business Cards
  • Magazine & Flyers
  • Logos
  • Posters
  • Etc…
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Mixing Website
Sky Mixing provides services such as:
  • Vocal Mixing
  • Instrumental Mixing
  • Complete Mixing
  • ProTools, Adobe, Logic, Fl studio Etc.

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Fan Shop Website
Sky Fan Shop provides services such as:
  • Grow your Twitter
  • Grow your Instagram
  • Grow your Facebook
  • Grow Your Pinterest

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Our Music Marketing Plan

Educated – We´re a Creative Consultant Marketing Agency that teaches artists about the music industry, music retail marketing and the best way to create an effective buzz with their promotional marketing budget.

Affordable Resources –
 We Act as a creative resource for musicians marketing campaigns and provide them with professional quality marketing services at affordable prices.

Results –
 We Help artists to achieve their music goals through cost-effective marketing promotions, programs and strategies.


We launch independent musicians to greater success. An artist can advance their career more effectively by utilizing strategic marketing approaches to increase exposure like more shows more interview etc. We offer a number of creative and established Music Marketing Resources to help accomplish this goal.We draw on a grassroots marketing approach where we focus on testing the music before marketing it mainstream. Our goal is to create one music fan at a time. With Record labels consolidating, marketing is now, more than ever, an essential part of the process when releasing a successful independent album.




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