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VybzYaad Radio is an online radio station developed in Jamaica. It was found in 2013. It is aimed
to be used as a means to expose the Jamaican culture to the world. The mission of VybzYaad Radio is to expose the Jamaican culture to the world and create a platform for the exposure of Jamaica’s music. The target market that the business seeks to capture is a teenage and young adult audience but also seeks to cater for the other age groups.

We Are Seeking Djs To Fill Our Time Slots.


Here are a few things you’ll want to make sure you have before applying :

All DJs must have an internet connection with a minimum 256k upload speed

A large MP3 collection . . .at least enough music to do a 2 hour show
A headset mic in good working condition that will bring your voice across the air clearly
An idea of what type of show you want to do
We encourage our DJs to be free and creative concerning the content of their shows. Here are some ideas based on our current programming:

  1. Music Show – primary focus is on playlists from various genres or a specific era. 
  2. Talk Show – based on general news, interviews, or information relevant to the current affairs in music our in general life.

Your show can be any of the three mentioned above or a combination of your choice. The idea is to be creative and get the audience engaged!

A fast computer with at least 1 gig of ram
Must be serious and want to really be part of a team.

Follow Us:

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If you are interested in becoming a DJ fill out the contact form below.

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Website: VybzYaad

📱🔊 Mobile Apps:

📱🔊 Android: https://goo.gl/HoO0RH
📱🔊 Blackberry: http://goo.gl/45QcsC
📱🔊 iOS: https://goo.gl/mSQAoJ
📱 Mobile Web: http://goo.gl/8JMygE
📱 TuneIn Radio: http://goo.gl/M2Cc5i